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Chapter 5 - Comfort & Confrontation 

Nicki was sleeping so soundly. I did her good, I knew that for sure. When I came  back home, I saw her sitting on the top step.

"Where have you been?" she asked me. 

Now she suddenly cares. I heard her mumbling Abel in her sleep So I decided I’d head out for the night. But I didn’t cheat, only because I cared about Nicki. 

"I’ve been out and about. Nowhere serious. I just crashed at my nigga’s house for the night."

"Oh.." she trailed off.

I was still debating on whether to bring Abel up or not, but I couldn’t deny it when she came closer looking anywhere but me. 

"This relationship you have with Abel needs to fucking stop," I demanded.

"What relationship?" 

"Don’t lie to me Nicki," I hissed. "Did something happen at the party that I should know about?" She looked very uncomfortable so I threw up my hands. "Fine. Forget it." 

"Okay fine.." she said when I was walking away. Always works. "He took me into the lounge and kissed me and.."

My eyes widened. “You don’t have to go any further. Why did you let him to that?”

"I-I didn’t mean to…" she stammered. 

I sighed. “Nicki, you just don’t want me to love you do you?”

"No I do.." 

I shook my head. “Prove it.” 

I cooked Aubrey something special for dinner. He was waiting patiently at the table. I gave him his plate and started walking away when he said, 

"No, Nicki." 

I came back in, “What? You wanted your steak medium rare right..?”

"Yes, it’s fine. I just want you to eat here with me." 

"Oh," I smiled and fixed myself a plate.

I sat across from him and prayed for my food then cut my steak into strips. As I was eating, Drake exclaimed,

"This is delicious Nic."

"Thank you," I blushed.

He licked his lips. “You’re perfect, Nicki. Perfect for me. How the fuck did I get so lucky?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know Mr. Graham.” 

"Well I’m in love with you.. I wish you were in love with me."

"I am." I said.

He wiped his mouth with a napkin then set it back in his lap. “But you’re in love with Abel. That just shows me how much you really don’t need me.”

"Well, you were in love with Laraya. That just showed me how much you really didn’t need me."

Drake rolled his eyes. “Nicki, that was then. This is now. I know who I want. But you need to make up your damn mind and stop pushing me away.”

"I don’t push you away. We fucked the other night remember?"

"Yes.. We fucked..but that doesn’t mean shit if you don’t feel the way I feel about you," Drake reminded me. "What do you see in Abel?" 

"I don’t know.." I said lowly. 

I stayed silent as Drake kissed his teeth. He was obviously pissed with me for about the third time this week. Same shit over and over, and I can’t say nothing about it.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment, Onika?” He questioned and stared at me from across the dinner table.

“Since the day you met me,” I sighed.

“That’s right..” he began, “So why the fuck would you keep pushing me away like this? You know how I feel for you.”

“Because I know how you treat girls.”

I saw anger in his eyes.

“What girls, Nicki? Tell me.”

“Girls like them,” I nodded to his phone that was vibrating on the table. I was so angry that I didn’t bother trying to see what bitch it was. Drake groaned and called after me as I stormed out of the door.

I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this shit.

I just wanted one night with Nicki. One goddamn night. With real feelings, and real shit. I didn’t want a replay of the past when she walked out. I ran after her. She was already approaching her pink Bentley, but I pulled her close to me and as much as she tried to pull away, I kissed her.

"Get off me!" she snapped.

"Nicki, why are you being so hostile? You know I love you."

"Why was that bitch calling you then? Is this what you do to them? Love and leave?"

I shook my head. “I fuck up relationships I don’t care about. I care about us. And You know very well that I got that shit that make them bitches go insane. I can’t help it. If only I had that effect on you,” I whispered in her ear. I felt her shiver.

"You do.." she admitted.

I erased the shocked look on my face. “Then why walk away from me? Why start shit now? Can we just have a heart-to-heart?” I asked her. “Don’t you want me, Onika? You need to trust me.”

She stared into my eyes. “Okay.” She moved even closer to me as I enveloped her into a hug.

"Now get your ass back inside," I winked when we pulled away from each other.

"Okay Aubrey," she laughed. Oh, how I love her laugh. It makes me love her even more. I don’t know why I would ever choose Laraya over her. Or why she would choose Abel over me, for that matter. Speaking of Abel, next time I see his ass I’m going to knock him dead the fuck out.

I don’t play that shit.

I started planning out my day for tomorrow as Onika and I watched a few movies. I was going to go all out. I was going to spoil her so much that she won’t want to leave me…

Everytime I looked in her eyes I was reminded how great it felt to have her in my arms, to be with her, reunited..just as we were before..


As soon as the movie ended, Nicki was asleep on the couch and my phone was vibrating. I checked to see who it was: Abel. I decided to confront him.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey man."

"Hey listen the shit you’ve done with Nicki-"

"Yes I know…um..I wanted to let you know I’m sorry for that." He’s always sorry for something, but I just let it go.

"It’s cool." Not cool at all.

"Okay. Think you can meet me in the studio tomorrow morn? I got some things to discuss with you."

Things? “Maybe later. I got shit to do.”

"Oh okay. I understand. Cool. Alright, bye."

When we hung up, I was contemplating what he was going to say to me that he couldn’t just tell me on the phone..

"Drake? is everything okay?" Nicki was looking at me.

"Yes, everything’s fine..go back to sleep baby."

Her eyes closed slowly and I carried her upstairs and laid her down on the bed. I walked outside of the bedroom and called a number.

"Yes. I’d like to rent out the whole club. Doing something special tomorrow night."

"Okay Mr. Graham, right away."

I smiled. This is going to be perfect.

Author’s note: Aww Isn’t Drizzy so sweet. Wonder what he’s planning? AND I wonder what Abel was gonna talk about? Next chapter is going to have a lot more sexual tension. & Yall know Nicki probably doesn’t remember doing it with him all that well anyway… smh… Haha I thought I’d give you guys a chapter with less drama since my turnmeonfanfic has tons of drama coming up. You guys better be glad I love yall haha! I’m tired, and I would’ve been lazy and not done this chapter if it wasn’t for yalll. Okay LEAVE FEEDBACK & NOTES please ya’ll are good about that :) xo

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